Our 1 day psychedelic retreats allow you to experience an otherwise typical Saturday, as an unforgettable healing journey.

Explore the Path to Wellness and Harmony

Ketamine is ultra-effective, safe, and the only legal psychedelic therapy. Whether for exploration and new perspective, or to heal a multitude of mental, physical, and spiritual ailments, the ketamine experience is powerful and profound.


Your Wkndtryp takes place at our luxurious retreat center, Bird Song, a historic, original adobe home built in 1933 and located in the Arcadia area of Phoenix, AZ.
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Our Facility

Located, in the heart of Phoenix, Sacred Saturday is convenient and powerful, a same day spa day experience, just add ketamine assisted therapy to the mix.
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A Day of Wellness, Ketamine and Integration

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Restorative Yoga

You’ll begin the day with morning yoga to relax into the present moment and prepare for the journey to come. 

Contrast Therapy

A daily (optional) soak in the cold plunge and jacuzzi will awaken your body and prepare you for the deep journey to follow. 

Private Chef

Our private chef will nourish you with home cooked Mediterranean style cuisine as you enjoy connecting with Wkndtryp journeyers visiting from around the world. 

Sound Healing

A sound bath on opening night will help you ease into the soothing desert surroundings. 

Program & Itinerary

10am Arrival
10:30am Introduction
11:00am Yoga
12pm Cold/Hot Water Therapy
1pm Ketamine Ceremony
3:00pm Integration
4:00pm Dinner with Chef Zipora
5:00pm Sunset Sound Bath

Why Sacred Saturday?

Hover over the images below for a brief description of what makes Sacred Saturday different.



Careful selection, intentional pre-treatment guidance, and expertly managed ketamine experiences.


Set & Setting

Embrace a journey of change in a setting of tranquility and support, designed for deep, life-changing personal revelations.



At the heart of Wkndtryp are our empathic psychedelic care professionals, aka Tryp Guides, and an array of medical specialists who prioritize your health and journey.



We are dedicated to making ketamine accessible to those seeking safe, stateside psychedelic experiences, offering life-changing healing opportunities.


February 3 Sacred Saturday

February 24 Sacred Saturday


March 9 Sacred Saturday

March 23 Sacred Saturday

Sacred Saturday Dates

Why Sacred Saturday?

Sacred Saturday offers a unique one-day escape into the world of psychedelic therapy, tailored specifically for locals in Phoenix, AZ. This condensed yet potent experience is perfect for those seeking a brief yet impactful journey into mental wellness without the commitment of a full weekend retreat. Sacred Saturday encapsulates the essence of Wkndtryp’s transformative approach, providing a day filled with guided psychedelic sessions, personal growth activities, and deep relaxation. It’s an ideal opportunity for community members to reset and rejuvenate, experiencing profound change in just one day, right in the heart of the city

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Price: $750.00