Heroes' Program

Honoring Our Heroes: Exclusive Discount for Veteran's, First Responders, and Teachers

In gratitude to this country’s heroes, Daytryp Health offers a 15% discount on ketamine treatment costs for eligible personnel. This discount is available to the active and retired workers and includes the following:

Package of 3 Ketamine Treatments

If you are looking for an immersive, psychedelic experience with ketamine, then KT is the best choice. A Tryp Guide will be present in the room with you at all times. Preparation for the experience as well as initial Post journey Integration with your Guide is included.
(3 sessions recommended)

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Package of 3
Ketamine IV

Ketamine infusions are unguided sessions where ketamine is administered via an IV over 1 hour. If you are a first-time ketamine patient looking to try it then we recommend starting with a single infusion. Maintenance patients seeking ketamine for chronic pain or those not interested in a ceremonial experience may prefer to opt for infusions.

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