Psychedelic Retreats At Bird Song

Explore the Path to Wellness and Harmony

Ketamine is ultra-effective, safe, and the only legal psychedelic therapy available in the USA. Whether for exploration and new perspective, or to heal a multitude of mental, physical, and spiritual ailments, the ketamine experience at Wkndtryp is powerful and profound.

Our weekend and one-day retreats take place at "Bird Song", our historic, upscale and adobe home built in 1933. Bird Song is located in the Arcadia area of Phoenix, Arizona.
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A Profound and Healing Itinerary.

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Luxury Accomodations

Bird Song can host up to 8 people in luxurious accommodations prioritizing your comfort and freedom.

Amazing Amentities

From our jacuzzi and cold plunge, to outdoor fire place, and swimming pool, you’ll enjoy almost one acre of privacy and beauty in the Arizona desert.

Medical Oversight

Our medical professionals will oversee you entire experience, and our guides will create your soulful weekend of ketamine journeys, yoga, massage, and home-cooked meals with our private chef.  

Welcome to an Oasis of Serenity and Transformation...

At Wkndtryp, luxury and transformative therapy converge seamlessly. Our retreats feature spacious, elegantly designed rooms, each thoughtfully arranged to maximize comfort and serenity during your psychedelic experiences. Immerse yourself in a setting that flawlessly combines the finest aspects of luxury with the principles of healing. Every detail, from the ambient lighting to the plush furnishings and calming color palettes, is crafted to enhance your therapeutic journey. In these exclusive spaces, you’re invited to unravel your mind and explore your consciousness, setting out on a path of self-discovery and healing wrapped in sheer opulence. Begin a transformative journey with Wkndtryp, where luxury and therapy unite to create a unique and profound experience.

Master Suite

Experience ultimate comfort in our Master Suite, adorned with luxurious sheets atop a grand bed. This room, designed for relaxation and privacy, features an en-suite bathroom, ensuring a serene and exclusive stay.


The Terrapin Room offers a cozy retreat for solo or partner travelers. It features a comfortable queen bed, a private kitchenette, and a calming ambiance. Enjoy the convenience of a private bathroom in this intimate space.


Perfect for friends or solo travelers, the Ripple Room houses two inviting beds and shares a well-appointed hallway bathroom. It’s a space designed for comfort and shared experiences.

Casita 1

Nestled in a private standalone casita, this room is a haven of tranquility. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a more secluded retreat experience, surrounded by the soothing ambiance of nature.

Casita 2

Set in its own private casita, this room offers an exclusive escape. The secluded setting provides a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for guests looking to immerse themselves in quiet reflection and relaxation.

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