About Daytryp Health

Our Vision

To revolutionize the treatment of chronic mental health and pain conditions, and to make the experience of life more positive, joyful and meaningful with the intentional and careful use of psychedelic medicines. We are here to Change Your Mind.

Our Mission

To provide safe and effective psychedelic therapy to those in need, especially those left behind by traditional methods of treatment. We seek to help the members of our community reset, refocus, and unleash new possibilities, while raising awareness and educating the world on the benefits of psychedelic medicine.

Our Treatments

We currently offer Ketamine Therapy. As other psychedelic and plant medicines become legalized for therapeutic use, Daytryp Health will utilize them intentionally and carefully. We are here to Change Your Mind about the powerful healing modalities of these psychedelic medicines.

Reasons to Believe

THE SCIENCE IS THERE, AND IT’S IMPRESSIVE. Psychedelic Assisted Treatment delivers real results, helping many conditions that are ‘treatment-resistant,’ including depression, anxiety, substance abuse/addiction and PTSD. We know the science, and we know it works. The only ‘experimenting’ you do with Daytryp Health is seeing just how many ways it can unlock new levels of joy for you in your life!

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. Daytryp Health’s methods help to change your life by unlocking the underlying memories and feelings that hold you back and prevent you from healing. Our therapeutic approach helps to subdue the ego, unleashing your own potential to unlock a new way of feeling and being complete.

YOU’VE FOUND US FOR A REASON. Are you “stuck” in place or running through the same patterns again and again? Daytryp Health’s approach will remove that inertia and take you on a journey to wellness to help recreate new patterns of positivity and spiritual awareness. We help you to set your intentions and start on a new path in a setting focused on the positive… focused on the JOY in life.

The Daytryp Difference

WE’VE GOT THOSE HEALING VIBES. Psychedelic Assisted Treatments are a therapeutic process here at Daytryp Health. Our caring staff takes a holistic approach to psychedelic heath care and wellness, so that you can experience your journey to healing feeling safe, calm, and supported.

WE ARE WITH YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY. Achieving mental health and wellness is a process and, depending on your condition and needs, can take time. Daytryp Health will be with you every step along the way. We’re a group of passionate medical and spiritual professionals dedicated to creativity and compassion. We’re creating a culture of mental health awareness based in community, exploration, and open dialogue. 

WE’LL GUIDE YOU THROUGH THE UNKOWN. You may feel intimidated by venturing into the unknown to discover true mental health and spiritual enlightenment. Just know that this ‘unknown’ holds a version of you that is more whole, more vibrant and more YOU! We are grateful for and look forward to the opportunity to embark on this journey with you.

Inside our Flagship Location

A SANCTUARY FOR HEALING. Where high-end luxury meets transformative therapy. Our spacious and elegantly designed rooms have been thoughtfully curated to provide the utmost comfort and serenity during your psychedelic treatment sessions. Immerse yourself in a calm, safe, and private environment that effortlessly blends the aesthetic of luxury with the ethos of healing. From the ambient lighting to the plush furniture and soothing color palettes, every detail in our rooms is intended to enhance your therapeutic journey. Unravel your mind, explore your consciousness, and embark on a path of self-discovery and healing in the sheer opulence of our exclusive psychedelic treatment rooms. Begin your transformative journey with us today.

SET AND SETTING ARE EVERYTHING TO US. In the wonderful world of psychedelic ans plant medicines, the phrase most used is called “set and setting.” SET refers to your mindset coming in to your journey. SETTING refers to the place where your journey will take place. As soon as you walk in our Psychedelic Treatment Center in Phoenix, you’ll realize how much attention we’ve put into both mindset and setting. A calm and relaxed vibe takes over you senses and physical presence and we immediately dive into breathing and meditation exercices to ensure a proper mindset pre-journey.