Daytryp Health Pricing & Packages

Embark on a compassionate and healing psychedelic voyage to foster new beginnings.

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy 

Daytryp’s Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy treatments apply a ceremonial and holistic approach to healing with each session. You will be asked to prepare and set intentions for what you are seeking to achieve with your ketamine treatment session. For example, if you are trying to heal a trauma or deal with specific emotions. If you are looking for an immersive, psychedelic experience with ketamine, KAP is the best choice. Your journey guide will be present in the room with you at all times. Post journey integration sessions included. A minimum of 3 sessions are recommended for best results. Buying packages extends you a discounted rate vs. just purchasing a single KAP session.

of 3 KAP

of 6 KAP

Single KAP

Couples Ketamine Sessions
Package of 3 $2450

With the guidance of a skilled Tryp Guide and the support of ketamine, couples can explore their emotions in a safe environment, leading to profound healing and growth. Get more info on ketamine for couples.

ketamine for couples

Group Ketamine Sessions
$475 per session

At Daytryp, we provide intramuscular ketamine therapy sessions for small groups. Not only is group ketamine therapy more cost-effective, it is equally as effective as solo ketamine journeys.

group ketamine

Give the Gift of Psychedelic Medicine to a Loved One!

Give your loved one the gift of 3 transformative ketamine sessions. Provide the experience of a profound psychedelic journey to uncover lasting healing, inner strength, and spiritual enlightenment.


*Recipients must undergo a medical intake with a Daytryp Doctor before scheduling and receiving ketamine sessions. If the treatment is unsuitable, the purchaser of the gift card will receive a full refund minus the intake fee. A minimum of 3 KAP sessions is required for any gift card purchase.

IV Ketamine Infusions 

Ketamine infusions are for those who are seeking a more medical approach to treatment and are often the treatment type for those with chronic pain conditions. If you are a first time ketamine patient looking try it, we recommend starting with a single infusion. Maintenance patients or those not interested in the emotional healing component and ceremonial experience of ketamine treatments may want to opt for infusions. 

Single IV Session

Package of 3 IV

Package of 6 IV

Additional Services

Community Therapy Sessions
$35 / Session

Come join an amazing group of fellow “Daytrypper’s” and talk honestly and comfortably in a safe, private and serene environment. Group therapy is where the healing and magic happens. We’d love to have you! Meetings are once a week, held at the Arcadia location. Times and dates will be posted the week prior on all Daytryp social media accounts.

Ketamine Troche Therapy
$625 / Session or Packages Available

Oral Ketamine is commonly administered as a troche. A troche is a small lozenge designed to dissolve between your cheek and gum . As the troche dissolves in the patient’s mouth, the medication is absorbed through the oral mucosa and absorbs into the blood stream. The troche is a great, non-invasive way to try Ketamine.

NAD & Vitamin Infusions
$400 / 500 mg

It’s proven that NAD when use post ketamine session, is amazingly synergistic and helps lengthen neuroplascticity which occurs after your ketamine session. Inquire within about NAD therapy as well as our other vitamin infusions that help you “stay in the journey” and help your integration process.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
(KAP) with Daytryp Health's MD, PhD

Together with a highly-trained therapist, KAP opens up pathways to significant and rapid change. Startling revelations are observed during Ketamine therapy and speaking to a licensed, professional psychiatrist and/or therapist after your journey is key. Our Therapist is Holly Hendin

Our Protocol

Medical Assessment

Each Daytryp Health patient will be required to fill out a medical questionnaire and will meet with one of our medical staff prior to your journey. This intake is an essential part of the experience as we educate you on what to expect as well as help you determine any intentions and goals you may desire to set with your treatments.

Ketamine Treatments

One of our medical staff typically administers 3-6 treatments /infusions over a 2-4 week period. The treatments take place in one of our 4 thoughtfully decorated and serene treatment rooms. Vitals, heart rate and oxygen levels are monitored to ensure the highest level of safety.

Post-Journey Integration

The window of time after your session is highly conducive for continued healing, processing, integration of what you learned during your session, and growth. This is called neuroplasticity. It’s natural to want to use this time wisely. The integration segment of our protocol helps to ensure you get the most out of your ketamine therapy sessions.

Follow-Up, For Life

Working with our therapists and discussing what arises during your journey is a critical piece of your Daytryp Health journey. You’ll be given ample resources to help understand the nature of your experience, thus allowing for an integration plan for yourself. You are not alone in this process, and will have our continued support, for life. We are family now 🙂

Daytryp Health is here to support your emotional, spiritual, and mental health needs with the intentional and safe use of psychedelic medicines. At this time, we offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and Ketamine Infusions.