Our retreats are designed to nurture your emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being through the intentional and guided use of Ketamine Therapy.

Explore the Path to Wellness and Harmony

Ketamine is ultra-effective, safe, and the only legal psychedelic therapy. Whether for exploration and new perspective, or to heal a multitude of mental, physical, and spiritual ailments, the ketamine experience is powerful and profound.

Adventures Await!

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We’ll guide you through the Sonoran Deserts' trails and mountains, reconnecting you to the rhyme and righty of the earth.


You’ll begin the day with morning yoga to relax into the present moment and prepare for the journey to come. 

Contrast Therapy

A daily (optional) soak in the cold plunge and jacuzzi will awaken your body and prepare you for the deep journey to follow. 


After your psychedelic journeys, you’ll surrender completely to the healing hands of our massage therapists.


Located in Phoenix, Arizona, our Wkndtryp retreats offer you warm desert sunshine, starry nights, and soothing hikes amongst the red rocks. 
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Our Facility

Your Wkndtryp takes place at our luxurious retreat center, Bird Song, an historic original adobe home built in 1933.
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Program & Itinerary

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3:00pm Check In
4:00pm Orientation
4:30pm Opening
5:00pm Ceremony
7:00pm Integration
7:30pm Dinner with Private Chef


8:00am Hike
9:30am Breakfast
10:30am Cold/Hot Water Therapy
12:30pm Opening
1:00pm Ceremony
3:00pm Integration
4:00pm Deep Tissue Massage
6:30pm Dinner


8:00am Restorative Yoga
9:30am Breakfast
10:30am Cold/Hot Water Therapy
12:30pm Opening
1:00pm Ceremony
3:00pm integration
4:00pm Deep Tissue Massage
6:30pm Dinner


8:00am Restorative Yoga
9:00am Breakfast
9:30am Art Integration
10:30am Closing Ceremony
11:00m Check Out

Integration & Activities

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Private Chef

Our private chef will nourish you with home cooked Mediterranean style cuisine as you enjoy connecting with Wkndtryp journeyers visiting from around the world. 

Journal & Reflect

The weekend is full of time and space to relax, journal, reflect, sleep and find time all for you. 

Sound Healing

A sound bath on opening night will help you ease into the soothing desert surroundings. 

Art Integration

On the final morning, you’ll assimilate your insights and memories with art integration.

Retreat &
Sacred Saturday Dates


February 3 Sacred Saturday

February 15-18 Full Retreat

February 24 Sacred Saturday


March 9 Sacred Saturday

March 23 Sacred Saturday

March 28-31 Full Retreat


April 11-14 Full Retreat

Why Wkndtryp

Wkndtryp is unique because it offers more than just relaxation & restoration; it’s a holistic journey at the heart of the psychedelic revolution, conveniently located in Phoenix, AZ. You don’t need to travel internationally to find a safe, transformative psychedelic experience. We’re redefining mental health care & psychedelic retreats with immersive Wkndtryp experiences that encourage profound healing and personal growth. At Wkndtryp, we’re not just changing minds; we’re reshaping the entire mental wellness experience into an accessible, enriching, and locally available journey.