For Therapists and Doctors

Daytryp Health can support your private practice or expand your client network by offering Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy in a safe, serene and healing environment.

Working with Daytryp Health

Improve client outcomes with psychedelic assisted psychotherapy

Evolve your practice. Daytryp Health will support you in providing a safe, serene and professional setting for our Psychedelic Assisted Treatment programs. Evolve your private practice and improve client outcomes by offering Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. 

Get advanced psychedelic-assisted therapy training

Expand your skillset. The Daytryp Health medical team brings many years of psychedelic medicine knowledge and therapy experience. We are excited to share this with you to improve your skills in treating patients safely and more efficiently with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Access higher standards of safety, screening, and treatment

Safer practice. Daytryp Health utilizes advanced screening and treatment protocols to ensure patient safety at all times. Feel confident in Daytryp Health supporting your clients in going deeper, medically and spiritually speaking, with the intentional and careful use of Ketamine. 


Keep Growing

With Daytryp Health, you will be referring your clients to the most experienced, trained and knowledgeable psychedelic clinicians in Arizona. Keep growing and supporting your clients’ calling to try Psychedelic medicines for mental and spiritual growth and health. Currently we offer the only legal psychedelic, Ketamine.


For client tracking, scheduling, and billing

Utilize Daytryp’s technology platform to better track your client’s progress, ease of scheduling and billing, and HIPAA-compliant secure client messaging. We  can securely and simply link to your current EHR system for efficient communication between us and you.

How it works

Sign up and
complete survey

Complete a simple initial survey to determine appropriateness for referring clients for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy at Daytryp Health. Schedule an interview with our clinical team for further evaluation.

Interview with
Clinical Team

Come to Daytryp Health and meet our Medical Director, Nurses, Therapists, etc. Take a tour and check out our vibes. Feel comfortable in referring your patients to us for Psychedelic Therapy. We’re with you every step of the way!

Get Started practicing Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Support your patients with preparation work so they get the most out of their sessions. Clinicians may sit in-clinic with patients for their psychedelic medicine experiences. You’ll have access to your patient’s charts and data for a healthy and sucesful integration.

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