Bird Song, a Wellness Vacation Rental in the Arcadia Area of Phoenix, Partners with the Rick Griffin Estate to Create their Official Logo.

Daytryp Health presents Bird Song, a luxurious vacation rental experience.  With a private chef, masseuse, reiki master, sound healing, energy work, meditation and absolute comfort, you will feel the relaxation of a desert vacation with the supercharged healing prowess of psychedelic therapy. Come to Bird Song and experience the journey of a lifetime.
The Bird Song logo is a collaboration with the estate of the godfather of psychedelic art, Rick Griffin. Within this unique and rare relationship with the estate, Bird Song and it’s parent company Daytryp Holdings, LLC, have acquired the right to use a variation of Rick Griffin’s “The Unnameable”, for the Bird Song logo.
Rick Griffin will always be closely identified with the Grateful Dead, having designed some of their best-known posters and album covers such as Aoxomoxoa⁣. In 1967, Rick designed a legendary poster for the Human Be-In, an event that arguably began the Summer of Love. ⁣Griffin also created promotional posters for Jimi Hendrix and the distinctive logo for Rolling Stone magazine.
“We we’re particularly drawn to this piece of art by Rick because for us it represents growth, freedom, love and a connection to the earth,” said Chris Cohn, founder of Bird Song and Daytryp Health in Phoenix, Arizona. “The property where we hold the Bird Song Experience is sacred ground; a beautiful, private and rare piece of earth that was brought to us for reasons beyond our comprehension. We are extremely honored and grateful for this opportunity to keep his passion, soul and vision alive!” Cohn states.

David Romanelli, partner of Bird Song conveyed, “Bird Song is rooted in the history of psychedelic culture, as it enters a new era of relevance. It’s a first-of-its kind wellness experience in Arizona.  ‘Psychedelic experience centers’ are often super rustic, on the far ends of the earth, requiring a long journey just to get there. Bird Song is conveniently located in the heart of Phoenix.  It’s an historic adobe house built in 1933, recently restored to create an upscale, private travel adventure, not just to the Arizona desert, but to the depths of your mind and heart. 
Chris and David named the vacation rental property “Bird Song” after one of their favorite Grateful Dead songs, and because there are many rare and beautiful bird species living on the estate, who protect the energy that lies within it, from above.
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More About Bird Song:
Upcoming Experiences:
October 19-22 – Full Bird Song Experiende
November 2-5 – Full Bird Song Experience
Nov 16-19 – Full Bird Song Experience
Dec 2-3 – Staycation
Dec 7-10 – Full Bird Song Experience
January 4-7 Full Bird Song Experience
January 13-14 Staycation
We welcome you for an unforgettable weekend journey to Bird Song!
More about Daytryp Health:
Daytryp Health utilizes the intentional use of legal psychedelic medicines combined with psychotherapy to support emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness.When you enter our healing treatment centers, an immersive and transformative experience begins. In a beautiful and calming environment, we facilitate safe and effective psychedelic treatments for mental wellness – supported by medically trained professionals with decades of experience.Ketamine-assisted therapy is a highly effective and medically proven psychedelic treatment for addictiondepressionPTSDanxietytrauma, and more.
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