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Experience the revolutionary method reshaping the world of mental health

Why Choose Ketamine Therapy?


95% SUCCESS RATE in treating patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression, PTSD & more

Fast Acting

Relief from symptoms of depression occurs WITHIN HOURS of treatment, versus weeks with medications


Ketamine treatments are proven to be SAFE and carry little to NO SIDE EFFECTS

Why Ketamine?

Why Ketamine?

Our Patients See Results

Ketamine therapy, a life-changing alternative treatment for depression and mental health conditions.

  • Rapid symptom relief
  • Mood and thought pattern improvement
  • Enhanced focus and cognition
  • Psychological healing
  • Mental breakthroughs
  • Lasting relief

A Life Changing Journey...

My battle with depression felt endless until Daytryp Health's ketamine treatments offered a beacon of hope. Their empathetic team guided me through each step with profound understanding, making me feel genuinely cared for. I've experienced a transformation that I once thought impossible, finally stepping out of darkness into light. Thank you, Daytryp Health, for this life-changing recovery.
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- P.E.
Daytryp Patient

Safe, Effective Treatment

As an FDA-sanctioned, legal antidepressant, Ketamine also boasts a half-century legacy as an anesthetic. Its fast-acting nature and compatibility with other medications heighten its value in mental health therapy.

Ketamine’s tolerability is high, with negligible side effects.

Vitals, heart rate, and oxygen levels are monitored to ensure the highest level of safety.

About Your Visit

As a Daytryp Health patient, you’ll meet with our team pre-journey to set goals and understand treatment expectations.

  1. Medical experts will assess your history and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Experience your psychedelic journey in one of our five tranquil treatment rooms.
  3. Organic fruit, nuts, mushroom chocolate and hot tea provided while you integrate after your journey.
  4. Receive compassionate support before, during, and after your journey.